X5 UV-C Foldable Sterilizer Wand

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Ultraviolet C or UVC has a wavelength that ranges from 100–280 nm, known as the short-wave, germicidal radiation, which is harmless to the human body as it is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere.
It is characterized by completely and effectively destroying the DNA and RNA of all known germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In this world full of germs and viruses are everywhere, it is very important to sterilize your essentials to prevent germs from spreading to your family. This Multi-purpose sterilizer is a great alternative to chemical cleaners. You simply have to put your stuff inside the box easily and effortlessly without consuming too much of your time. All it takes is 3 minutes!

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It is characterized by completely and effectively destroying the DNA and RNA of all known germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Powered with 20x UV-C LED Beads which can effectively disinfect most areas of your home – bathroom mats, bed linens, towels, carpets, toys, computers, keyboards, and the like. Simply unfold, press and scan. It only takes 5-10 seconds to disinfect a certain area. It also works for personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, nail tools, make-up brushes, and even smartphones.

Disinfects in 5-10 seconds, making your life easier with one-touch button operation. Simply press and scan! Scan directly to any surfaces where most germs live, like carpets, mats, stair railings, sofas, beds, computer keyboards, and more. Live a healthier surrounding with reduced germs around
This sterilizer wand is powered by 20x UVC LED, which disinfects and eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria without harmful effects on humans. IMPORTANT: Always use the goggles included in the package for proper care.RECHARGEABLE, PORTABLE, AND SAFETY DESIGN
Bring this wand anywhere so you can disinfect when needed, even when you’re on-the-go. With its smart sensor, it shuts down automatically when the process is over. It can be stored safely in your handbag or backpacks. It has a safety lock feature so it won’t accidentally turn on while inside your bag.

Operated on a high-frequency ultraviolet light, UVC has been widely used in sterilizing personal hygiene items like in hotels – bed linens, towels, children strollers, nail tools, and even clothing. UVC LED light eliminates almost all viruses, fungi, and bacteria by destroying DNA & RNA physically.STANDARD ONE YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY
The manufacturer warrants this product to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under everyday residential use and conditions, for a period of one (1) year for the original purchase date. EPA Est. No. 95175-CHN-1

Package Content

1x Sterilizer Wand
1x Goggles
1x Travel Bag
1x Micro-USB Cable
1x Instructions Manual

33 reviews for X5 UV-C Foldable Sterilizer Wand

4.85 out of 5 stars

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    5 out of 5



    This ultraviolet disinfection lamp, along with goggles and a moisture-proof bag, makes it easy to carry, so I’ll feel at ease when I go shopping. I would recommend this to my friends.

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    5 out of 5



    This ultraviolet disinfection lamp, along with goggles and a moisture-proof bag, makes it easy to carry, so I’ll feel at ease when I go shopping. I would recommend this to my friends.

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    5 out of 5



    Small and delicate goods received, easy to carry, ready to travel when the hotel disinfection.

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    5 out of 5


    Beautifully made

    Battery life is excellent. Nice look and feel. Very well made. Safety on and off feature is not intuitive. Time required to kill bacteria is probably understated. The closer to the object being sterilized the better. I would buy again

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    5 out of 5


    Good looking and easy to use!

    Really wanted to go out after staying home for half year because of the pandemic. Worried about the safety and don’t want to use too much chemical products. After many research, I decided to give this sterilizing wand a try. I received it last week, and brought it to my hiking trip during the long weekend. I think I made right choice! It is Very light and easy to carry. I just put it in its carrying bag(come with the wand) and put it in my backpack. Btw, the color and shape of the wand is very cool.

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    5 out of 5


    Bought for sanitizing, good product

    Arrived today in great packaging. The UV LED looks sturdy and of good quality. This a must for the this season and all year round. I would say the best part is the double security design: the security lock and the double-click open button.This makes UVC sterilizers safe for active children.This is something we parents should be aware of.Very easy to use.

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    5 out of 5


    Practical tool in pandemic

    The UV Light Sanitizer Wand is very practical during this pandemic. I use it to scan my notebook, iPad and other stuff when I get home. It’s quite easy to use, push the side button to unlock, open the wand and turn it on. It gives out a blueish light to indicate it’s scanning. I run over the item five or six times and that’s it. It gives me peace of mind during this pandemic. It’s worth the money.

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    5 out of 5

    Jasmine CNY


    “Bought it as a daily sanitizing tool. It’s hard to tell is working or not, coz I can’t see germs and bacteria with my eyes. But we do comfortable using it coz it has some rewards by some famous organizations. I use it to replace liquid sanitizer products so I could keep my boxes dry and no more need to spray on food packings. There is one more thing to keep in mind to use this product, DO NOT stare direly at the UV light and KEEP OFF the UV light on your skin.

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    5 out of 5


    Great product

    Portable, take it with you.It is very easy to use especially during this COVID-19 outbreak

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    5 out of 5

    Beverly Kimbell

    Good surface size coverage and quality

    Had trouble with lack of instructions at first called company and they helped ! Seems to be good quality and good surface coverage size compared to a lot of others

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    5 out of 5


    Great product Amazing customer service!

    I had a defective wand! I contacted the seller and immediately they were able to identify my purchase, see that it was under warranty, and ship a new one without any delays. It was a Pleasure doing business with them. If you are looking for a sanitizing wand I highly recommend the product and the seller.

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    5 out of 5


    Disinfecting wand easy to use for travel or home

    “UV light sanitizer wand features a foldable design and is equipped with 11 UVC LEDs. The LED wavelength is rated 260-280nm and falls in UVC light range. It’s important to choose sanitizer in UVC spectrum as it has strong germicidal effect to inactivate microorganisms, such as viruses and bacteria. This wand has built-in battery and can be recharged using its microUSB port.
    I like that this uv light sanitizer wand is comfortable to hold and easy to use. I just have to hold it close to target surfaces (recommended to be less than 3cm to be effective) and slowly scan through the area a few times. There is a visible purple light when it’s working. The battery life is decent and I can use it for about 50 mins per charge.
    The disinfecting wand – works on odd shaped items that don’t fit in my phone sanitizer, or surfaces I don’t want to use disinfecting wipes such as computer screens. Small when folded so it doesn’t take up space and I keep it close to front door when I reenter to disinfect phone, keys and sunglasses. Appreciate the protective eye goggles. Keep in mind that UVC can also be harmful to human so it’s important to avoid looking at the light and skin contact when using the wand. The good thing is that this sanitizer wand does come with some handy safety features, including child lock and goggles.”

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    5 out of 5


    It works well and easy to use

    Easy to carry, easy to operate and can be used in charge cycle.Effective in killing viruses and bacteria.It works well on my car.

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    5 out of 5

    Michelle F

    Great package inclusions!

    Just received this item and was pleasantly surprised to find it did indeed come with a set of glasses. Also included a nice carrying bag, charging cable and instructions. Top of box includes support info with phone number, and and email. Also includes 12mo warranty. Easy to use!

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    5 out of 5


    Recommend it to everyone!

    Work great! Very portable and easy to use. I use it everyday after I come back home to sanitize my clothes. It’s also very safe to use since it will stop working when you flip the light towards yourself. I am very satisfied with my purchase!

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    5 out of 5


    I love this wand and use it every chance i get!

    My husband bought 2, one for me and one for his mom! I work at a bank and i use this everyday for our “high traffic areas”! I use it on our clipboards and pens in our busy drive through often! I sanitize my work area and my keyboard and work keys often. The battery life is amazing! At home i use it on all of my packages from Amazon before we open them. I’m so happy with this sanitizer wand!! We do our cat litter box and it keeps the litter from smelling up the room!! I KID YOU NOT!!!

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    4 out of 5


    Idea is great but a little difficult to turn on.

    Used in my car, my bedroom and on my mail.

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    5 out of 5



    The disinfection lamp is very easy to use, and the clothes are disinfected immediately after receipt. It takes a long time to charge the battery, and it is very convenient to carry it wirelessly. Would recommend to friends

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    5 out of 5

    Ying Zheng

    Uv light sanitizer wand

    I like this prouder, I will use it every day , clean every where in the house, make me feel clean .

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    5 out of 5


    Great investment wand during COVID-19!

    “Must have this UV light sanitizer wand. Great value and packaging. It does come with protection goggle glass. I use it daily to sanitize decorative pillows, kids toys, rugs, handbags, shoes, ect.
    Well pretty much you can use for everything… It has a lock button so safer for young kids. Just be sure to use the protection glass and not point on your skin. My mind is at ease with this magic wand”

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