P26 XL Portable UV-C Sterilizer Bag

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Ultraviolet C or UVC has a wavelength that ranges from 100–280 nm, known as the short-wave, germicidal radiation, which is harmless to the human body as it is completely absorbed by the ozone layer and atmosphere.
It is characterized by completely and effectively destroying the DNA and RNA of all known germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

In this world full of germs and viruses are everywhere, it is very important to sterilize your essentials to prevent germs from spreading to your family. This Multi-purpose sterilizer is a great alternative to chemical cleaners. You simply have to put your stuff inside the box easily and effortlessly without consuming too much of your time. All it takes is 3 minutes!

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Why UV-C Technology?

UVC has been widely used in cupboard sanitizer and sterilizing devices in hospital for 60 years. UVC LED light eliminates almost all the germs and bacteria by destroying DNA & RNA physically.

Germs are a fact of life. Some bacteria are beneficial to us. But for dangerous, illness-causing, and potentially life-threatening bacteria and viruses—there’s UV POD. It’s the most powerful, portable solution for sterilizing tools and accessories.

Designed for convenience, portability and versatility, these UV sterilization boxes are safe to use with everything from traditional manicure and pedicure needs, to smartphones, hearing devices, and portable mobile electronics; all so you can keep a cleaner, more sterile environment and reduce the spread of germs to keep your family and friends healthier.

Specification & Features

One-button simple operation
3-minute sterilization period
FDA & SGS Tested
Power: 8W
Input: 5V=2A
Net Weight: 470g
Dimension: 9.5 x 7.7 x 5.9 inch
UVC LED Beads: 12 Pcs


26 reviews for P26 XL Portable UV-C Sterilizer Bag

5.00 out of 5 stars

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    5 out of 5


    Fast and efficient cleaning

    I love having another way to clean items that can’t be easily washed. I have used this to clean my family’s cell phones, sunglasses, keys & glasses. I have also cleaned all my makeup brushes – and they smell clean when they come out of the unit in just one minute.

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    5 out of 5


    Good quality product, comes with a canal tray inside

    Product comes packed carefully in cardboard box and plastic bag. The quality of materials is very good and it’s easy to use it. Usually sanitize my face masks, driving gloves, sunglasses, keys and small items which can’t sanitize with alcohol.

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    5 out of 5

    Eric Lovelis


    I guess it works. I don’t have a way to verify. Nothing is glowing when I take it out LOL

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    5 out of 5

    Daniel C. Ginsberg

    It Works, Mostly – A Scientific Experiment

    It’s well established that ultraviolet light can kill bacteria and viruses, but how well does this unit work to accomplish that? I bought some agar plates to figure that out. You can read details if you search on “COVID UV Ginsberg” (it will be on top with Google if you search on verbatim rather than all), but basically it worked well exposed to the LED lights on the top and bottom. For non flat items, UV exposure on the front, back, and sides relies on reflected light, which may or may not be sufficient. For critical items, such as a mask used by a health care worker treating COVID-19 patients, I would suggest 2 treatments, rotating/flipping in between. I believe that a unit with lights on all sides would be even better, but this is still a useful device.

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    5 out of 5


    Five Stars!

    “easy to use. I know Uv light is for killing the viruses
    Because we have on installed in our heating /ac system. It seems like it works and my phone looks cleaner when I take it out. I also use it for my glasses and keys.”

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    5 out of 5

    C Wong

    Plastic film removal!

    “Just got the unit and it seems to work okay. Only major concern is the very thin film of plastic that is placed over the reflective surfaces. I guess it is done to protect the reflective surfaces from being scratched during assembly and shipment. The sticker warning indicates there is a film that needs to be removed but it is deceiving.
    The film is very hard to peel off and it is cut out around the LEDs. I had to use a sharp x-acto around the LEDs to lift a small area of the plastic to get a grip to start the peel. It revealed a mirror like finished instead of a dull surface.
    Some comments made in the past indicated that the film was not removed and made the unit less effective. Vendor needs too add a small lip to the plastic covering to make it easier to remove the film.”

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    5 out of 5



    its a great sanitize bag, quality is so good , the workmanship is very satisfactory, the sterilization effect is very good, it’s a pleasant shopping

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    5 out of 5



    During the period of the outbreak, really to thanks for Amazon,let me bought a lot of very good disinfection products needed for the epidemic. This UV light sanitizer bag is especially good, every time go out got home we will put the wallet, keys and some small kind things inside disinfection, also can put the N95 respirator disinfection, convenient for three minutes and this color is also very beautiful.

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    5 out of 5


    Great Product!

    I really like this product. It allows me to sanitize my daily belongings such as my car keys, watch, phone case, hair ties, and more. It is super easy to use and only takes 60 seconds. I feel much safer using my cleaned items, especially during this time of the coronavirus. Definitely recommend!

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    5 out of 5


    We are very well and safe.

    “Without covid-19, I think I might never need this. During this special period, I can’t buy masks and disinfectants in stores. There are only 20 masks left at home, and my husband needs to go out to work and shop, and he needs to wear a mask every day. If a mask is used only once, it will soon disappear. We decided to reuse the mask! But I am worried that the child will be infected, I see this sponsorship, I think this is exactly what I need! I received it on the 18th. until today. We have been using it to disinfect masks. My family are well and safe. This shows that it works.

    This is a very beautiful bag, the size like my makeup bag. Just plug in the power supply and put the mask inside for disinfection. very fast. very convenient.”

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    5 out of 5


    Easy and continent

    This is such a useful item for sanitizing stuff. I ordered stuff online e and have them delivered to my door step. It’s so easy to sanitize the fruits like apple, oranges, and strawberry. Just put them in the container and turn it on by pressing the button. It also saved a lot of liquid sanitizer too. Highly recommend.

  12. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Lee knit

    Good product

    Easy to use. I know uv light is for killing viruses because we have on installed in our heating /ac system When I saw this I thought it would be a good idea for our watch jewelry money cards and iPhones

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    5 out of 5


    Great Quality.

    Very nice product to use and it really worth the price! It’s convenient and efficient, only need to insert the plug and wait, and that will protect me against several kinds of virus especially during the coronavirus time

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    5 out of 5


    Uvc light sanitzer bag

    The epidemic in the United States is very serious now. Medical resources, especially masks, now require masks every time you go to the door, but such masks are used very quickly. Now the price of masks is very high, so you can only find some that can be reused. Method, I found some methods. The ultraviolet lamp can kill the current epidemic virus, so I bought a try and it is also more convenient and simple to use. I put 3 disposable masks I used before and put it in to kill the virus, about one minute. It will kill the virus. For safety, I will press the switch for 4, 5 times and wait for 4, 5 minutes. When the ultraviolet light touches the surface with the hand when killing the virus, it feels a little warm. There are 24 in it. There is also an iron shelf inside the UVC lamp. The uvc lamp placed below can also work. Objects such as mobile phones, keys, Ipads, masks, glasses, etc. that are not large in size can be put inside to kill viruses. If it is Large objects are not suitable for use. For example, clothes are not very suitable, but the price is a little more expensive. On the whole, it is still a good UVC lamp. I still prefer to use it for masks, mobile phones, Ipads, and more often. Things. These objects are everywhere in the UVC lamp.

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    5 out of 5

    Hello Gong

    Very useful during this Pandemic before enter my home

    “I am always looking for a solution to clean cellphone, watch, mask, keys &etc, before enter my home during this pandemic, I tried to spray 70% alcohol, use alcohol wipe, use hand sanitizer wipe & etc, however all the methods I tried is not efficient and kind of make me run out of supply quick. I was looking for other UV light, such as portable UV light, however UV light is not good for skin, I was trying to buy some UV light and use cardboard box to DIY one UV light box, until I found this one.

    Very good package, and sturdy built, even has a stress relief feature for the power cord. I put this in garage, now every day before I enter my home, I use a piece of paper tower to open it, and put my cellphone, watch, keys for first round, and mask for second round, each round is 3 minutes, and it has a safety feature, if you happen to open it before round end, the UV light will be turned automately, so you do not have the risk to be exposed to the UV light in the box.”

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    5 out of 5


    Easy to use and portable

    “This is a very convenient up sanitizer. It is softsided like a lunch bag, but the inside top has the LEDs programmed to emit UV-C light which is capable of destroying organic matter such as bacteria and viruses.
    I keep ours in our car to disinfect our face masks. But also use it to disinfect phones, keys, combs, etc.
    I love that it has a built-in battery pack that can be charged. Great for traveling and you don’t need an extra power source.
    The usage is very simple and the button on top changes color according to the status. It beeps six times on completion.
    There is no set up needed and comes ready to use.”

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    5 out of 5

    Ice ye

    Easy to carry

    I was very worried to go back to work due to covid-19 and I tried to protect myself as much as possible. Finally, I came across this item! I purchase this item to use in my workplace, Basically, I use this to sanitize my pens, recipes, and also cash haha. I don’t feel safe touching cash but a lot of customers prefer cash than credit card. This works wonderfully and also eliminate me and my coworkers’ concern. We now feel much safer and just can’t live without it!

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    5 out of 5


    Nice 59 seconds sanitize bag

    During covid-19 , this UV Light Sanitizer bag its very easy to use anything you want to sanitize ,I used for 10 days already ,it takes very fast 59 second ! Very recommend

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    5 out of 5


    This is the time to use this product

    During this time, I was buying some sterilization equipment. This feels good quality, and the sterilization time is very short, which is also more time-saving. This can sterilize mobile phones, keys, wallets, etc., some frequently used things, can be It is also relatively simple and convenient to sterilize it. It is now used in this product.

  20. Reviewer profile image
    5 out of 5

    Xiang z Lin

    UV light bag

    In a crisis like Covid 19 this product is perfect! It’s easy to carry around and is perfect for money phones and many other items. It kills germs by lED lights and it only takes a few minutes!

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